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Exopolitics United Kingdom: UK Network Node - Exo UK

  "If the global elite are bored there are far more constructive things to do than start wars and population reduction...
go terraform Mars or something!"

Benjamin Fulford




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Exopolitics United Kingdom - Part of the Exopolitics World Net

Engaging The War on Consciousness, New Civilisations and New Energy

  Want a brief introduction? Read What no UFO!? Exopolitics and Omega Point Culture

in the Falklands War
  Exopolitics UK was born in 2004. It has over 2300 articles and media but the system it was initially created upon is now out of date.
We have the most comprehensive 'real time' Gary McKinnon archive - including visiting 3 MPs to pressure for  him to remain in the UK. Part of this includes a widely published account of why the exo/UFO community failed to grasp the significance of his case in it's early stages.
McKinnon now appears  free to talk following a cooling off period after the Home Office decision.

Gary McKinnon Faces 70 years in a US Jail for Free Energy research
  :: Full Mckinnon archive here ::
:: 16th October Home Secretary Update here :: 
:: Exopolitics Institute Full Report ::

Exopolitics UK Group Page

Exopolitics has been described as 'the new social science of transformation'. With a wider disclosure element at its core - it attempts to add new reference points to a number of fields that include UFOlogy whilst simultaneously exploring new energy systems and the scientific paradigm.
NB: As the McKinnon case ended and the global Exopolitics Network took different approaches following a record 14,000 attendee conference in Spain in 2010 - the role of Exopolitics as a field of enquiry shifted - ending up as regular debate online. Thus this site is no longer updatred.
See new  ventures below and via Contacts-Time.net
New Web-Portal in Process - Saucerpeople UK
New Web-Portal in Process - News for the Upcoming Event of Species Transformation
  Contact Times  Contact-Times.net
Saucerpeople and ICAN Site -  Temp Page
See: Saucerpeople.co.uk -  for introduction page from 2013
Introducing: Exo-Research Group Online

Introducing: Exo-Research Group Online

A project for researchers who take research and exosciences seriously!

The purpose is to build a) an international Community of Practice (CoP) as an umbrella organization for individuals as well as Communities of Practice on national levels; and b) a network of peers to assist in peer review.

For more information on Communities of Practice, see:


Suggested Research Projects:

  • International Inventory of 'Best Evidence' of the Extraterrestrial Presence, which consists of a compilation of the 'Best Evidence' per country. The following categories of evidence are suggested:
    • Legislation and Documents, including publicly released documents, FOIA documents, leaked documents, ...
    • Whistleblowers
    • UFO Cases
    • Contactees and Abductees
    • Exo-archeology, religion, mythology
  • International 'Expertise Locator,' which consists of a collection of national expertise locators: Who's Who list of people and organizations dedicated to ET and UFO research (per country)
  • Contactee & Alien Abduction Research: profiling of abductees, abductors, inventory of actions, geographical differences, etc. Again, this can be done per country, and then compiled internationally.
  • Phenotypes: What types of extraterrestrials have been encountered?
  • Policy: what needs to be done to prepare for disclosure, and for "after disclosure," ...
  • Galactic Diplomacy: prepare for Contact, and for "after contact" ...
  • Exosciences: Exosociobiology, Exolinguistics, Exobiology, Exopsychology, Exo-archeaology...


Exopolitics as a Global Organisation

Exopolitics UK was one of the first networks to join the global Exopolitics Institute circa 2005.

The aims of the institute are listed in brief below -  however, as a cutting-edge field in a wider world quickly embracing the issue of intelligent visitation, these components may change over time or differ dpending on the national network's individual views and methods.

Name: The name of the organization is the “Exopolitics Institute”

Purpose. The Exopolitics Institute is organized for the educational purposes of:

  • 1. promoting research into the key actors, institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial affairs;
  • 2. promoting awareness and understanding of different extraterrestrial races; and their impact on social, economic, cultural and political processes;
  • 3. promoting peaceful cooperation with extraterrestrials aligned with the advancement of global peace, human empowerment, and human sovereignty;
  • 4. preparing humanity for open interaction with extraterrestrials;
  • 5. assisting in public dissemination of extraterrestrial technologies;
  • 6. promoting full public disclosure through an accelerated release of all evidence concerning an extraterrestrial presence in terms of history, agreements, technologies and activities.
Terraforming - Alien Nano Toys and the war for Consciousness

ContActiVism :: Alien Nano Toys and the Covert War War for Consciousness

Requested Presentation Themes by Promoter :

- Update to Falklands, Marconi Scientist Deaths and Terraforming of our Species

David Griffin [exopolitics.org.uk] @ Bases Conference 2014: - gives an update on his groups C.E.-5 work on the Friday night skywatch at Knap Hill, Wilts, and at the event promoter's request updates his Black Goo-Sentient fluid data on "Terra-forming Consciousness", and his detailed research on transformation of consciousness.

Additional Notes: Despite collecting suitable night vision equipment for the trip to crop-circlr land and getting an advanced, interested party of 35 who felt they had enough energy to climb Knap Hill, Alton Barnes - near the infamous Eastfield area -  featured in depth elsewhere on this site [- but i'm assuming only if the links and images have stood the test of several years site closures and server moves etc!]  -  the weather beat us to it once more. However -  by 10pm, the elements cleared and 8 or 10 of us made it up there for a trial Skywatch and maybe some limited C.E.5 type efforts.

The results were astonishing   - for the time put in and can be seen in the first ten mins of the presentation. We had to stay up most of the night just to get these few mins of footage into the presentation the next day. Excuse camera wobble and over-excited shouts - we had no tripod and relied mostly on one Night Vision gadget which had a microphone near my mouth as filming ;)

Note: C.E.5 simply means "human initiated contact" -  from the classic Hynek Scale. It in no way implies some of us have talents other do not.

First Directive Issue: UFOs Invade Renaissance Art?

The Middle Ages and Renaissance periods of Western civilization created some of the most iconic and defining works of art in recorded history.

The work grew more impressive through the years as artists refined their skills and passed those skills on to their apprentices. Even today, artists and museum visitors alike look to these pieces for inspiration and appreciation.

But, could these paintings which hold so much importance in the history of Western civilization possibly contain something otherworldly, something which pervades the popular culture of modern people, like flying saucers and other UFOs?

Further discussion on this as an intervention issue can be seen discussed in the presentation:
"Who Speaks for Humanity in the ET First Contact Scenario" 
from 2010 at Leeds University by David Griffin.
Disclosure Issue is Only Remaining Avenue


PRG's Latest News Release and Intro Comments...

For some time a growing number of us in the exopolitics community are aware that "consensus"  reality is in such a mess that nothing aside from saucers hoverring over capital cities of the planet will create sufficient [neuro] shock to move us out of the current quagmire and ask these array of "Others" for help.

 There seems to be a shift... notice for example that the Chernobyl nuclear disaster was helped by ETs - [overt sightings and associated radiation readings declining after their visit confirm something to this effect] but as we are doing NOTHING about the likes of an Extinction Level Event such as Fukishima, this time, and quite rightly, there seems to be little ET interest - despite the latter nuclear situation being MANY times worse than the Russian event.

PRG News Release Text Below


"What could possibly be sufficiently powerful to alter the world view of political institutions, corporations, and 300+ million people overnight and open the door to multi-system reform?  The usual candidate is a war equal to the magnitude of distress.  The last version of that scenario was WWII.  Sadly, any war worthy of the present dilemma would destroy the world itself.   What does that leave?
Disclosure.  Every day the citizens of Earth are denied the truth they are not alone in the galaxy as sentient life, that a vast new world awaits them when that truth is out in the open - a world where once again all things are possible -  is one more day closer to the end of the American Dream - the 21st Century nightmare study after study projects."
Psychedelics, ETs and Visual Language - Event Video

Psychedelics, ETs and Visual Language -  Conference [re-upload] Video

Nottingham AMMACH Event 2012 - This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Anyone who takes the time to study the complex and often bizarre nature of extraterrestrial intervention with humans on this planet cannot help but stumble across numerous examples of where the evolution of terrestrial knowledge was catalysed using a variety of methods by these various off-world groups. What is less well known is that an increasingly common aspect of this process interfaces directly at the level where consciousness becomes manifest - that of communication itself.

It appears we are at a cosmic cross-roads as a species - some sort of transition is due which could vastly alter the way we see ourselves and our place in the wider universe. The contact and abduction phenomenon now includes the tutoring of selected people in the structures of language itself - giving those individuals not just the ability to communicate ideas more effectively but also shifting the very nature of communication itself. This presentation aims to explore these novel experiences and ultimately points to a broadening of UFOlogical and exopolitical enquiry.

David Griffin also presented "Saucer School: Psychedelics and Extraterrestrial Language" in June 2012 at the Extraterrestrial Communication Conference in Liverpool. Video Link:

Direct Link: http://bit.ly/vizlang

Exopolitics Denmark on Missile Shutdown

Fredrik Uldall on Malmstrom AirForce Base, Phoenix Lights and more on Danish TV.

Trial CE5 Intro Video at Exo UK Organised Event
Full length video intro discussion a carefully selected group had on second day of the first trial C.E.5 weekend event at remote, rural location in Somerset. This was to see what CE5 or 'Human Initiated Contact" can achieve and/or be augmented by consciousness altering technologies we also had at our disposal.  This was in addition to a range of night vision technologies we had use of also.

A third event was held with Dr Jonathan Reed - who was recently on Art Bell's new show and amazingly - all the negativists about his case who said it was "fake" for 16 years now look rather foolish.  Reed now trots the globe discussing contact with anyone from Russian scientists studying alien language to the last two Popes [yes -  this is a fact - those in powerful postions know how serious this issue is] - and you can seeby one look into his eyes that everything he claims took place -  did indeed take place.

Full length slide presentation on the impact of C.E.5  and why it's now moved from the older ideas of "abduction" and skywatching to conscious interaction.

What is C.E.5  and what additional consciousness factors can we use to enhance the process?

PSR Somerset Trial Event Weekend -  Invite Only. 

PSR is a retreat which has cuting edge "bio-consciousness" enhancing technologies in addition to the usual rural retreat location aspects. Contact this site or PSR direct if interested.

We have had significant success  with this in certain areas.  We however need support in a variety of ways to ensure human initiated contact begins to prepare people in time for when these craft begin to show up en-mass... and they plan to.  If you can help in any way -  we have event ideas both done and planned for 2014.  Please get in touch with me direct: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Or join our 900 member UK group on Facebook.


NOTE: Part 1 is group intro. Some people have been removed from this if they requested it for anonymity. Main CE5 intro is mostly focused in the final 2 thirds of talk. 

It's About Time For A Galactic Cultural Center

Hybrid Research - Exo UK -

US Presidents Meet ET's, the UN has had numerous Extraterrestrial Briefings -  even Putin's pal Medvedev was recently caught off-mic admitting that incoming presidents in Russia get given the usual book on the nuclear lunch codes but at the same are provided with briefing 'introduction' notes on the alien history, contemporary presence in Russia and presumably world-wide. 

We also have a member of the British Military rumoured to have had a similar face-to-face, if not more low key, meeting with a live, VERY human-like visitor.

Given all this -  is it not time we decided to grown up as a species and start by forming a structure capable of discussing issues of contact and diplomacy? 

Dwight D Eisenhower may well have been one of the last global leaders who had a degree of freedom from what we are now aware of as 'above-government' groups and cabals. Certainly every president since has been covertly pressured with significant control measures from these trans-national syndicates -  the one exception being John F Kennedy -  who was fully aware of the UFO significance and this, along with other issues he aimed to change, resulted in his assassination by these previously mentioned covert groups.

Timothy Good on ET Meeting with Military

British Author Timothy Good on ET Meeting with Military
With the recent release of the final batch of M.o.D. / National Archives UFO files - we see that former UFO Desk officer Nick Pope demonstrates that all is not well behind the supposedly united representatives of the government line.

In a recent press release -  Pope decares the current poster boy [Dr David Clarke] for the MoD files as a "useful idiot", insinuating that he is blinding acting as a support for the often touted "No Defence Significance" line with regards UK air-space. This recent interview with author Tim Good brings up once more a case mentioned in his book 'Alien Base'  where a top member of the British military supposedly met a human-like ET. IF this scenario is based on fact - you don't need too many braincells firing to realise that 'human looking' ETs must surely have been seen as a 'threat' in some respects -  given they can walk the corridors of power un-noticed in the immediate post-war era.
UK Regional Council Creates Alien Landing Plan
First Contact planning - Far More Pragmatic Than You May believe At This Moment

First Contact Planning ??
Far More Pragmatic Than You May Believe

  First Contact - Glasgow Council sets out detailed alien encounter response

“As mankind continues to advance and head out into the stars we are undoubtedly going to attract the attention of whatever lifeforms are out there. I’m curious to know what provisions have been put in place for our inevitable encounter.”

A recent FOIA request may have given us a glimmer of hope that some British regional authorities are actually examining one of the truly pressing issues of our current era. Now if I was writing this as one of the many news outlets that  covered the discovery of the request, you'd assume there was a hint of disbelief or sarcasm in that last statement but there isn't.

Why? - Because assuming life doesn't exist elsewhere is these days along the lines of assuming we still live on the flat earth.

Investigated by R.I.I.A. - Rare Alec Newald Interview - Video

Investigated by the Royal Institute of International Affairs: Alec Newald Interview

- For in depth research on one particular aspect of Alec Newald's interactions with the Blue ET group related to the infamous Marconi deaths in the UK in the 1980s -  check out the following link: http://bit.ly/ETMarconiRadio
Alec Newald's situation is unique amongst those who have tangible contact with visiting intelligences in the contemporary era. Hailing from New Zealand he recalls a few strange incidents as a child - one of which was being given a tetrahedron-like artefact by a small being which transported him to a parallel world where he met other children. Many of these experiences became clearer to him in the years after his contact as an adult.

Reformatted with permission by http://exopolitics.org.uk


Citizen Hearing Goes Live in Washington - Update

Live stream and Archives linked from: http://www.citizenhearing.org

Other Washington Press Club Events can be browsed here.
Hacking UFOlogy - The Implications of UFOs for Life, the Universe, and Everything


Hacking UFOlogy - The Implications of UFOs for Life, the Universe, and Everything

DefCON Conference 2011 -  Speaker: Richard Thiem

MiB Plausible Deniability? Russian Leader Gives Disclosure Briefing to Media
 Medvedev and Russian Disclosure

Whilst some global media outlets have tried to spin the situation... on closer inspection, and unsuprisingly to those of us who keep an eye on this process, Medvedev appears to have been sincere in his off-camera comments.

On Friday, December 7, the current Russian Prime Minister and former President, Dmitry Medvedev, made some startling off-air comments to reporters while his microphone was still switched on. He was asked whether the President is given any secret files on extraterrestrials while in office. In his responses, Medvedev not only confided that extraterrestrials are visiting the Earth, but that some are actually living among us. He went even further to say that the Hollywood comedy, Men in Black, depicting a secret government agency monitoring extraterrestrials on Earth, has a factual basis to it.

Article from Exopolitics Institute News Service: http://news.exopoliticsinstitute.org/index.php/35330/

See also: Presidential UFO comments
ET Intervention - Ancient Bio-Weapons and the Blue Diamond Affair

Latest Round-Table Discussion :

Project Camelot - ET Intervention - Ancient Bio-Weapons and the Blue Diamond Affair


For the live stream -  this works out at 10pm in the UK and Europe. An archive version is available to Project Camelot members a few days after I think.

Newsletter Info on this Here: http://bit.ly/MarconiDiamond

This is a rare appearance from Alec who initiated the research into the Falklands War and the Marconi material that followed.

Gary's Decade Long Nightmare Ended by Home Secretary
Finally.... Gary McKinnon's Decade Long Threat of US Jail is Over

RT Report on Home Secretary's Final Extradition Decision - October 2012

"My son has now been under arrest for longer than any British citizen ever has. He hasn't raped anyone, he hasn't murdered anyone, so can't understand how this can be happening to him, as no matter how much anyone may choose to exaggerate his crime, the fact is that his crime was tapping on a keyboard in his bedroom in north London in search of information on aliens from outer space..."
Janis Sharp -  hardcore campaigner and mother of Gary.
  :: Full Mckinnon archive here ::
See 2008 article written for UFODigest: Mckinnon: Hacking Away @ Truth

Janis Sharp has said she is "overwhelmed and incredibly happy" after the announcement that her son, British computer hacker Gary McKinnon, will not be extradited to the US.

Mr McKinnon, 46, who admits accessing US government computers but claims he was looking for evidence of UFOs, has been fighting extradition since 2002. His mother told a press conference that Mr McKinnon "couldn't speak" when he heard the news. Mr McKinnon, from Wood Green, north London, who has been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism, faced 60 years in jail if convicted in the US.

Giant Crop Formation Mirrors UK Logo
Huge Formation that appeared in Southern England on Last day of Exo Conference
Huge Formation that appeared in Southern England on Last day of 2012 Exopolitics Conference
Identical to logo used by the UK site and network since 2005...
Radio Interview Notes - Marconi Deaths and Falklands War
  Interview Notes: The Bizarre British Marconi Deaths, ET bases and the 1980s  Falklands Conflict

A Box Set of all conference speakers where the first airing of the above talk was given is under production by Anthony at Exopolitics Leeds/GB. The full 2 years worth of research however is available on a full length DVD with previously unseen media, documents and several conclusion avenues the core research group considered but I have had little time to expand on during any of the presentations and interviews to date.

For a professionally produced DVD - please This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or use the site contact form.

As this topic has attracted a good degree of attention from the wider 'alternative' knowledge community -  below is a highly condensed page of supporting images,  documents and resource links to aid both interviewer and those listening.

In addition the UK AMMACH organisation and Exopolitics UK have now published their longer but more informal discussion on the area which is in 4 parts and can be seen starting on youtube here.

A Ut0piated Data Management System

- We create highly functional, database driven content management systems :: More -

The Saucer Is The OverSoul of Humanity...

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